Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Find out potential risks in your orgnisation network, mobile apps, web apps, IoT devices, cloud applications with our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services.

The VAPT tester from Aryav Security Consulting are acquainted with various moral hacking methods, for example Foot printing and observations, Host enumeration, Scanning networks, System hacking, Evading IDS, Firewalls and honeypots, Social engineering, SQL injection, Session hijacking, Exploiting the network etc.

We offer both Manual and Automated VAPT services according to the customer's necessities. We pursue an efficient methodology and procedure for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. This method includes the following steps.


Preventing Information Loss :- Can you imagine your crucial business data is hacked and its with your competitor or in any unwanted hands? Sensitive information of your business is more important, and it should be highly secured.

Preventing Financial Loss :- Similar to information loss there is direct chances of fraud (hackers, extortionists and disgruntled employees) or loss in revenue due to unreliable business systems and processes.

Protects your Brand in Market :- Providing due diligence and compliance to your industry regulators, customers and shareholders. Non-compliance can result in your organization losing business, receiving heavy fines, gathering bad PR or ultimately failing. Protecting your brand by avoiding loss of consumer confidence and business reputation.

Essential part of compliance standards or certifications for your business :- Vulnerability testing helps shape information security strategy through identifying vulnerabilities and quantifying their impact and likelihood so that they can be managed proactively.

We Provide Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Services For

  • Networks
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • IoT

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