Social Media Analysis

Advancements in Smartphone technology, Cheaper modes and costs of Mobile Internet connectivity and Innovational application development have laid the perfect platform for Social Media to invest itself as an extremely disruptive force.

Over 100+ leading Social Media applications covering diverse interests, engage and infotain human interests of all ages and strata. Digital Engagement in its most habit forming and opinionated form is here to influence and stay.

For eg.

  • General Purpose (Facebook, Whatsapp)
  • Professional (Linkedin)
  • Photo Sharing (Flickr)
  • Lifestyle (
  • Gaming (Zynga)
  • Video (Youtube)
  • Blogging (Livejournal) etc.

Social Media has very different characteristics from other web elements, namely:

  • Community Info Exchange
  • Unfiltered Opinions, Facts
  • Collaborative: Blurs line between Media & Audience
  • Instant Mass Communication
  • Reasonable Personal Anonymity
  • Limited Censorship
  • Lost Setup Costs & Ease
  • Socio-Cultural, Political and National Security Impact
  • Easy Portability through Smartphone advancements

Being able to mine this humungous data mountain to get insights on Opinions, Preferences, Demands, and Feedback can be very powerful and impactful.

Our Social Media Analysis Product is a Big Data technology platform used to discover and analyze multi-lingual information emanating across the internet in real-time.

Our primary offering, is a multi-lingual, geo-enabled, text-analytics, social media and web-monitoring platform designed to meet the needs of our customers by fully leveraging publicly available information in this era of overwhelming quantities of geographically diverse, multi-lingual data in numerous social media platforms, consumer, news, and other channels.

It generates real-time, actionable information by persistently monitoring and simultaneously analyzing multiple data sources through advanced statistical, linguistic, and crowd-sourcing techniques.

Providing On-Prem vs Cloud options, we are the Product of Choice for International Governments, Law Enforcement Agencies, Classified Agencies and many others who want to understand the pulse and ground reality of public opinions.

Capable of delivering 150+ Specific Use Cases, some samples below:

Situational Awareness Riots Monitoring
Supply Chain Risk Management Online Games Emotions Monitoring
Brand Management Online Sexual Abuse against Women & Girls Monitoring
Critical Infrastructure Missing, Exploited, Sexually Abused Children Monitoring
Disaster Response Online Gambling Monitoring
Known-Known Disaster (Disgruntled Person) Fake News Monitoring
Known-Unknown Disaster (Weather Related) Electronic Forgery & Copyrights Violations Monitoring
Unknown-Known Disaster (National Assets Attack) Intellectual Property Duplication
Unknown-Unknown Disaster Military & Other Sensitive Data Posting
Public Health Source Code Compromise
Sentiment Analysis Logo/ Images/ IP Violation
Force Protection Weapons Design
VIP/ Celebrity/ Executive Protection Movies Piracy
Political Campaigns Cyber Bullying
Cyber Security Cyber Defamation
Terrorism Unauthorized SM Access near Sensitive Sites
Cyber Terrorism  

Business Benefits

  • Proactive Risk Management Posture
  • Encourage Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Analytics & Dashboarding
  • Increased Business Resilience
  • Reduced Fraud, Data Theft
  • Increased Business Opportunities
  • Actionable & Relevant Intelligence
  • Increased Critical Infrastructure Uptime through Timely Threat Remediation
  • Reduced Disruptions, Loss to Life & Property
  • Insightful Governance

Headquartered in Mumbai and founded by Eminent and Internationally acclaimed Thought Leaders from the Cybersecurity, Cyber Law, and Management fraternities, We believe in adding Value to your Business & Technology journey by means of a Strategic, Focused & Problem-Solving approach.

We are firm Client-Advocates and ensure that our core founding principle of Strategic Innovation helps synergistically transform your Organization for the better by effecting next-generation outcomes.


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