Management Consulting

Today's Business challenges are the result of highly competitive stakes, instant consumerism, information overload and quite generally, an imbalanced fusion of Strategy, Technology and Risks. With over a decade worth of Management Consulting experience for top teams across the World, we can help you face Change and Volatility with assurance.

Solving problems is ensuring survivability. This is true not only for Private but also Governments and Public Enterprises that continue to look at not only effective but also more efficient ways of running their establishments better.

Traditionally, successful businesses always won it on Vision & Strategy. Now, without being able to positively respond to Change, extinction is not a far-fetched possibility. Our methodology acknowledges this by employing a 360-degree approach that focuses on:

  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Governance - Frameworks & Practices
  • Ideation
  • Business Orchestration
  • Process Excellence
    • Assessment & Optimization
    • Re-Engineering
    • Performance Management
    • Security Engineering
    • Operational Agility
    • Capability Augmentation & ROI
  • Program Management
  • Opportunity Identification & Sizing
  • Risks Management
    • Strategy
    • Assessment, Mapping, Dollarization & Mitigation
  • Business Innovation Roadmaps
  • Technology Infusion & Adoption
  • Benefits Realization

As a strategic & management advisory firm that helps organizations and countries to effectively create and seize opportunities and manage risks, we ensure you are on top of your game by developing strategies and solving real-world problems to deliver results that show.

We know that turning your corporate vision and strategy into operational reality can be challenging and disruptive to business as usual. So, we provide direction, guidance and innovative services to support and enable the successful execution of change initiatives. Our experienced consultants guide and support you through strategic based analysis to develop and implement the entire business portfolio, prioritizing which projects and programs will achieve most business benefit. This becomes especially important for governments when targeting limited resources to obtain above-threshold value with a huge quantum of risk.

We specialize in consultation for State and Nation level problems at Senior levels and solving them through Ideation, Capability Building, and complete End to End Program Management and Delivery.


Headquartered in Mumbai and founded by Eminent and Internationally acclaimed Thought Leaders from the Cybersecurity, Cyber Law, and Management fraternities, We believe in adding Value to your Business & Technology journey by means of a Strategic, Focused & Problem-Solving approach.

We are firm Client-Advocates and ensure that our core founding principle of Strategic Innovation helps synergistically transform your Organization for the better by effecting next-generation outcomes.


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