Enterprises Cybersecurity Solutions

Governments and Business jugulars are being threatened by nation state actors with ulterior motives. Financial frauds are no longer the only target and objective. National security is at stake.

The Cybersecurity scene has to contend with the evolving nature of cyber threats that continue to morph and camouflage themselves with ulterior motives. Threat actors are no longer script kiddies and are no longer pushed by financial motives alone. Organized Cyber Crime is concerted, targeted, long-term, persistent, and aided by the same technologies that active your defense for e.g. Artificial Intelligence.

Cyber Security Attribute

  • Availability
  • Confidentiality
  • Safety
  • Resilience
  • Possession (or control)
  • Authenticity
  • Utility
  • Integrity

Threat Actors

  • Individuals
  • Activist groups
  • Competitors
  • Cyber criminals
  • Terrorists
  • Proxy terror threat actors
  • Nation States


  • National Security
  • Reputation loss
  • Business financial loss
  • Competitive advantage loss
  • Employee attrition
  • IP Loss
  • Privacy/ Compliance breach
  • People security

Safeguard your Digital Infrastructure and Enterprise Assets against Cyber threats from inside and beyond, with our End-to-End Advisory, Implementation, Integration, and Managed services.

Minimize Exposure

  • Reduce number of networked machines
  • Reduce number of networked access points
  • Reduce number of networked, accessible computations

Increase Resilience

  • Take specific resilience steps
  • Confirm to resilience guidance
  • Improve cross system energy

Accelerate Recovery

  • Generate rapid response plans
  • Increase response competence
  • Build the ability to restore system
  • Install systems to detect attack quickly
  • Enable quick isolation of infected systems
  • Clean out malware

Neutralize Attacks

  • Reduce ex-filtration
  • Increase DDOS defenses
  • Test defenses against simulated attacks
  • Improve Sysadmin security related competence
  • Reduce number of cyberattacks
  • Counter insider threats
  • Develop mitigation for specific known threats
  • Block Cyber attacks
  • Ensure quality of Network SW/HW
  • Reduce risk in network systematically

Sample Use cases that are impacted by our Solution mix include

  • Identity & Credentials Theft
  • Zero-Day Ransomware
  • End Point Assurance
  • Security Orchestration & Automation for SOCs
  • Secure Collaboration & Information Sharing
  • Social Engineering & Phishing
  • Threat Intelligence Feeds
  • Social Media Impact (Government, Corporates)
  • Software Security Engineering
  • Product Security
  • Blockchain Use Cases
  • ML-based UEBA (User Behavior Analysis)
  • DLP
  • IoT Security
  • Data Security beyond Corporate Borders

We provide the entire gamut of Cybersecurity services from your Drawing Board to the War Room to help Secure your Enterprise against Inherent Risks, Hacker Ingress and Insider Threats.

It becomes important to define and align enterprise security architecture with business imperatives, ascertain foundational requirements and help maintain agility in the event of change.

We focus on delivering Next-generation protection to your entire Value Chain. The only way to protect your establishment in today’s date and time is to know that the attack is coming. And that it is truly a matter of when.

Our Services

Security Program Optimization & Enterprise Advisory Security
Enterprise Risk and Compliance Threat and Vulnerability Management Enterprise Cyber Incident Management
Security Program Development Policy, Standard and Procedure development Risk Management Managed Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments Breach Remediation
Enterprise-wide Security Policy & Standards Framework definition Risk Assessments Compliance Cyber Threat Intelligence Assessment & Impact Analysis
CISO Advisory & Support Security Architecture Assessment & Design GRC Consulting   Incident Response & Recovery
Security Strategy   Third Party Risk Management  
Risk Strategy   Industry-specific security compliance assessment  
Technology & Controls Selection      
Enterprise Awareness Training      
Security Architecture & Implementation Identity and Access Management Managed Security Services
Enterprise Architecture Architecture, Implementation & Integration Threat Intelligence
Cloud Security Program Governance

Remote Triage, Analysis & Response

Network Security  

Managed Detection and Response

Data Security   Managed Vulnerability Scanning
Endpoint Security   Managed Endpoint Protection Platform
Enterprise Application Security   24X7 Cyber Vigilance Services
IoT Security  

Managed Cloud Security


Managed Data Center Services

    Cyber Crisis Management
    Managed Security Operation Centers (SOC) & Transformation

Bespoke Assessments


Headquartered in Mumbai and founded by Eminent and Internationally acclaimed Thought Leaders from the Cybersecurity, Cyber Law, and Management fraternities, We believe in adding Value to your Business & Technology journey by means of a Strategic, Focused & Problem-Solving approach.

We are firm Client-Advocates and ensure that our core founding principle of Strategic Innovation helps synergistically transform your Organization for the better by effecting next-generation outcomes.


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