Blockchain technology is the powerhouse behind cryptocurrencies and their widespread acceptance, growth and dominance in today's economy.

P2P or Distributed Ledger technology, commonly referred to as Blockchain, is a prominent use case of Cryptography and its security application. Blockchains are inherently resistant to any unauthorized modification of information and therefore find excellent opportunities to resolve trust concerns and queries between entities seeking to engage meaningfully online.

Blockchain technology focuses on solving real world 'trust' and 'integrity' issues.

E.g Recording of events, medical records, Identity Management, Transaction Processing, Documenting Provenance, Voting, Digital Currencies, etc.

Why Blockchain? An Illustration of Business Benefits

  • Robustness: No Centralized Architecture hence no Single Point of Failure
  • Security: Through State-of-Art Cryptographic Encryption Mechanisms
  • Transparency & Immutability
  • Reduced Transaction Time
  • Lower Transaction Costs
  • Faster Verification Processes
  • Process Integrity
  • Disintermediation: No need for Third Party Verification
  • Data Quality: Timely, Accurate, Complete
  • Accurate Audit Trail
  • Reduce Systemic Risks & Financial Fraud
  • Automation of Manual Processes through Smart Contracts
  • Secure Corporate and National Governance
  • Secure Business Processes and Practices

Popular Use Cases & Services

We extensively cover use cases pertaining to both commercial and public governance applications.

Moody's Investors Service (MIS) recently released a detailed report that names 120 blockchain projects being explored by various companies. The bond credit rating business then offers 25 top use cases for blockchain technology.

Our Services

  • Technology Consultation & Advisory: Use Cases & Applicability
  • Architecture Design & Assessment
  • Digital Transformation through Refits or Migration
  • End to End Turnkey Project Management
  • Ongoing Support

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