Big Data

Big Data has found itself at the core of innovation and application over the last few years. Hardware Computing is yet to catch up to analyze extremely large data sets and make sense of them. Big Data is making this possible so Public & Private Enterprises, Governments Worldwide are guided through Real-time Insights and Evidence-based decision making.

Given that the Organization size has little to no direct Co-relation to the Information size it generates or works with, Big Data plays an extremely important role for Small or Medium-sized companies and organizations who want to plan ahead and gain competitive advantages.

The potential value of data is unlocked only when leveraged to drive decision making. Information assets that scale beyond affordable computing capabilities demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and data-driven decision making.

Our Big Data capabilities allow organizations of all sizes to participate in understanding the power of data as a game changer. Our customized packages deliver Cloud based solutions without needing any On-Premise hardware. It can be liberating when you realize all you need to do is click.

Big Data Chart

Types of Analytics possible with present Big Data capabilities:

  • Text Analytics: E.g. Text Summarization, Question Answering (QA) systems, Sentiment analysis etc.
  • Audio Analytics: E.g. Call center voice logs, Healthcare etc.
  • Video Analytics: E.g. Automated Surveillance & Security Systems
  • Social Media Analytics: E.g. Social influence analysis,
  • Predictive Analytics

Big Data Business Impact

"IDC Estimates that by 2020, business transactions on the internet- business-to-business and business-to-consumer – will reach 450 billion per day."

"94% of Hadoop users perform analytics on large volumes of data not possible before; 88% analyze data in greater detail; while 82% can now retain more of their data."

The Rapid Growth of Unstructured Data

In 1 Second, approximately

  • Approximately 8000 Tweets sent
  • 900 Instagram Photos Uploaded
  • 1400 Tumblr Posts
  • 3000 Skype Calls
  • 55,000GB of Internet Traffic
  • 66,000 Google Searches
  • 75,000 Youtube Videos Watched
  • 27,00,000 Emails Sent

And more.

It is being predicted that data production will be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009.

Using big data analytics, even Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can mine massive volumes of Unstructured data to improve their businesses and its future prospects.

Business Benefits

  • Record Previously Unavailable Insights
  • Better Strategic Decisions
  • Risks Quantification & Fraud Mitigation
  • Boost Sales through Better Global Understanding of Market, Business Health and Customer Spread
  • Targeted Business Segments and Clients
  • Optimize Business Processes & Loss Leaders
  • Business Innovation & Productivity
  • Accurate Reporting, Analysis and Planning
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Spawn New Markets with Risk-Opportunity Analysis
  • Social Influencer Marketing

Our Services

Our Big Data offerings address the complete needs of Data-at-Rest & Data-in-Motion, power real-time customer applications and delivers robust big data analytics that accelerate innovation.

  • Strategy
  • Architecture
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing
  • Data Analytics & Reporting
  • End to End Integration with Existing Ecosystem
  • Greenfield Implementations
  • Business Intelligence & Visualization
  • Use Cases Consultation & Implementation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

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